I’m featuring a very special newborn, My new niece and my Mom’s first Granddaughter.  My sister, Nina had her first child so this is wonderful times for our family.  You can bet my Mom was thrilled being that her other 3 grandchildren are all boys:)  Please welcome Liliana Marie: 10lbs 7oz, (yeah that’s right!) 21 inches long born at 10:40 am on 12/26/2014

We began our session with some love from Grandma for 3 of her 4 grandchildren. My youngest is super thrilled; can you sense my sarcasm?  My oldest son…..he is over the moon

and I can feel him grinding his teeth with adoration;)

Lily 01

Isn’t my Mom gorgeous?  She has such beautiful eyes and smile

Lily 02Lily 03

See what I’m saying?  Teeth grinding is a thing when you super love something and he requested to hold her, we did not need any bribing here.

Lily 04

Lily was super easy, she had her eyes open for a nano second to say, Hi, and then it was lights out..

Lily 05Lily 06Lily 07Lily 08Lily 09Lily 10Lily 11

My sister, Nina, is such a natural.  Of course, she’s had a lot of practice with all her nephews and she’s had a good Mom to blaze the trail.

Lily 12

Lily 13

and then there were three

Lily 14Lily 15Lily 16

Talk about beauty..  apples don’t fall far from the tree…. just breathtaking

Lily 17

there’s nothing sweeter than daddy and his little girl

Lily 18Lily 19Lily 20Lily 21


  • Marylee - January 29, 2015 - 2:31 pm

    These pictures are just beautiful. The love that Nina and Paul have for their baby just oozzes from these pictures. You can feel the emotion from Mom and Dad for their daughter. Great photographer! Beautiful baby girl. :) ReplyCancel

Happy Holidays!   It’s small business Saturday again.  I’m so very grateful for your continued interest and support in my work.  I’m offering a  few specials for 2015. I’ve made four options available and extended them through

Cyber Monday December 1 st FRIDAY, December 31st, 2014.

30 min (Mini) $150.00-Includes 5 high resolution digital files and printing rights. *Excludes newborn   

1 hour (Half )$250.00 -includes 10 High resolution digital files and printing rights *Excludes Newborn   

2 Hour (Full) $450.00- includes 25 high resolution digital files and printing rights *Excludes Newborn   

Newborn $550.00includes 20 high resolution digital files and printing rights  

  • All photo sessions (*except Newborn) will be held before October 1st, 2015 at an outdoor location within 10 miles of 60110 area code (extra fees apply if they are held outside of that radius). *Newborn session must be held before Dec 15, 2015.
  •  Each session package includes high resolution digital files with printing rights 
  • Sessions are valid for up to 5 people
  • All purchases will be followed up with an email confirming your purchase and a voucher for your session will be delivered to you for your 2015 session.
  • Sessions must be scheduled before October 1st, 2015

To purchase your session you can either use the Paypal button in the “make a payment” sidebar on the left or the drop down paypal button below.

 I look forward to working with you!


Small Business Saturday Promo

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hauser 08


IMG_0544-Edit copyIMG_5323 copyIMG_5358 copyIMG_3124-Edit copyIMG_2943-Edit copy

IMG_7004 copy

emma copyIMG_4438 copyIMG_7242



hauser 01hauser 02

it’s all serious until the boys wanted me to smell their feets… then this happened..  too funny! Boys will be boys!

hauser 03hauser 04

tons of laughter

hauser 05

Sweet little Sunshine

hauser 06hauser 07

This little one was all about climbing; love his looks.
hauser 08

His eyes were so gorgeous, he was super smart and he seemed to sense my inner hippy; he kept flashing me the peace sign!  :)

hauser 09hauser 10hauser 11hauser 12

she was full wonder and innocence. Look at her beautiful dark eyes and sweet subtle smile.

hauser 13hauser 14

Fun and happy family

My Niece Graduated High School and Cosmetology School this year!  She’s a trip.. we love her and all her crazy fun ways.  Here’s a quick little sneaker that I got in the midst of her graduation party yesterday.. WE LOVE YOU, GIRL!

IMG_0284-Edit BLOG copyIMG_0287-Edit BLOGcopy

IMG_0274-Edit copy


Spring Break proved to be different then I expected.  I had big plans to do a cute little 5 month photo session with my sweet little Snug, Benny. (For those of you that don’t know, I call him Snug because he’s forever wanting to be close) So, change in plans, little Snug came down with a respiratory infection causing him to run a fever to have severe congestion.  None of the traditional remedies were working for us to clear his congestion, he had a really difficult time nursing and getting him to ingest Tylenol was extremely difficult.  Since bottle feeding and nursing hadn’t been an issue thus far, I decided to bottle feed him so he wouldn’t dehydrate and it was easier for him to get fluids than nursing.  He was feeling miserable and when he’d finally fall asleep,  we were very scared because he wouldn’t open his mouth to breath…. .. ..  We sat and held our breath as we watched him retract in and out for 10 seconds at a time and then finally gasping for air;  after a while we began gently jostling him to get him to take a breath.  I didn’t know what to do.  You hear so many scary stories about babies who don’t wake and I didn’t want that to happen to him, so I took him to the ER around 9PM.  It was my first time going to the ER with my child by myself  and I felt so alone; I thought it was best for my husband to stay home with my oldest son, Caden.    They checked him for RSV and pneumonia and ran a catheter down his nose to pull the thick mucus out that we were not able to reach.  It was awful watching him scream;  I felt helpless and wanted him to feel better.  They admitted us into the hospital and it wasn’t until 2:00 AM that I had a place to lay down; I was exhausted and Benny was still having these apnea like issues.


I was angry that nothing was being done to help him as he still struggled to breath.  I sat there most of the night making sure he’d gasp for air; while the nurse monitored his oxygen levels. We woke that morning around 6:00 AM and Benny was shivering and still had a fever.  I felt sick to my stomach thinking about parents with children who are chronically ill or with very serious conditions, feeling stressed and fearful most times; how do they deal with that? The next morning a pediatrician from Associates in Pediatrics came to see him and said his oxygen was good and that he will get better with time, they inserted a catheter again and removed more mucus for him and it did help.  The doctor said they would observe him for the day to make sure he was OK to come home.  That afternoon, his fever finally broke.  The nurses continued to help us get more mucous out asked us to video tape the retractions in his chest to show the doctor when he returned to check on him, so we did.. believe it or not, this was actually an improvement in his breathing.

I called my Mom and Dad, and they comforted me.  Thankfully my Mother in-law was there to keep me company as I tried to relax on less than 2 hours of sleep.  We waited for my husband (who was taking my older son to Lego land as promised) to arrive and for the doctor to return; all the while the nurse continually assured us that he would return for us.I was worried sick because I couldn’t get my son to nurse and I didn’t want our breastfeeding experience to end.  Things were going so well for us and we were benefiting so much from nursing.  I repeatedly asked for a lactation consultant to help me understand how to keep my milk supply up and to help get my son to come back to me to nurse and she finally came around 3:30 to advise me, but no show on the doctor.  It wasn’t until 8:30 PM that another nurse, Patty,  came in to ask if we were sure that the doc was coming…. EXCUSE ME? I was sooooo frustrated beyond belief.  Patty, felt awful and it was obvious.  She called the new doc on call and she said that Dr. Wynn Sheade wasn’t coming back for the night.  Since they weren’t going to do anything for Ben, I just wanted to be at home with him.  Needless to say, we left.  My mother in-law had an hour drive ahead of her and yet she stayed the whole time with me; I’m so grateful for her being there to keep me company.

The next day was much better; Ben’s sinuses were draining and we were able to use the saline and aspirator to help remove the mucus.  I spent the entire day just bonding, watching him rest, cuddling and inviting him to nurse.  We bottle fed him until he was ready and THANKFULLY, around 4:30 he came back to nurse  I was so relieved and he seemed relieved too.  Here’s some of the photos on that day we reunited.





Looking back, I think, phew.. it was only a little infection.  I think I did the right thing making sure that he was monitored during his apnea like episodes.  I’m so thankful for his health and that we’re able to nurse again.  I don’t know what I would have done without the support of my family.  Children amaze me.   They’re so resilient and they’re such a gift.  This was him only a couple days later taken with my Iphone.  Look at his smile……



  • Laura - April 6, 2014 - 1:03 pm

    So glad he is feeling better! So scary though. You are one of the best mamas out there, Benny and Caden are so lucky to have you!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - April 6, 2014 - 3:52 pm

      Thank you @laura. Such a sweet thing to say. I feel the exact same way about you! XoxoxoReplyCancel

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