I’m ever so grateful to have been able to work with this family who were one of my very first photo sessions 6 years ago.  Michelle is also an old NCHS Alumni like myself and it’s so great to see how we’ve gown since (I won’t say how long ago) we graduated High School:).. In all seriousness, I was blown away by Thomas’ beauty.  And it was super fun to photograph him with his big Sister, Emily,  and Brother Colin.  Please welcome, Thomas, just two weeks and 4 days old here.  We began by photographing him in a very special knit blanket that was created by his maternal Grandmother.  So special!

Thomas 01Thomas 02Thomas 03Thomas 04

He was super easy to photograph but almost too big for this beautiful wooden bowl.. He looks so gorgeous, just like a little cherub that flew in all the way from the Renaissance!

Thomas 05Thomas 06Thomas 07Thomas 09

Thomas 08

Emily and Colin had a special idea to photograph him holding a special lovie

Thomas 11

Thomas 125

Thomas 14Thomas 13

And they each wanted to be close to him

Thomas 15Thomas 17Thomas 18

And Hold him.  It was very endearing

Thomas 12

Thomas 20Thomas 22

So many smooches for this beautiful boy.  Mom, was so nurturing and beautiful while holding him and comforting him.  I couldn’t resist capturing this precious moment

Thomas 23

It’s always so neat to be able to take a peek into real life situations.  Just cuddling together and enjoying these perfect fleeting moments.  Well, they’re almost perfect.. poor dad had to be at work but everyone missed him while he was away.  Check out the eye contact that Thomas makes here.

Thomas 24Thomas 25Thomas 26Thomas 27Congratulations to you all.. I wish you all the very best with your new family of 5!

Her name isn’t the only thing that is cute about this little one.  She was super relaxed and it was such a pleasure to meet her.  I’ve known her mommy since the 5th grade and I’ve been honored to photograph her family now for the last few years.  Please welcome, Clementine.

clementine 01clementine 02clementine 03clementine 04Clementine 06clementine 07clementine 08clementine 09clementine 11clementine 12

Clementine will have plenty of entertainment with her two bright sisters, Margot and Penny!

Clementine -13.5 bw

Margot was so sweet, she gave me flowers for my hair when I arrived.

clementine 13

We sang songs together and I admired her beautiful expressions

Clementine 14

Penny is quite the character.  We’ve featured her special Pooh bear in every photo session….

Clementine 15

Clementine 16

She was so loving and natural.

Clementine 17Clementine 18

And then there were 5.  Congratulations!!!!

Clementine 19

I was completely surprised when my dear friend, Sue, broke the news that she was having another baby and I was blown away and honored when she  asked me to come out to Washington, Illinois to photograph her family.  I’m always so grateful for the people who have had faith in me and my work. Sue and I worked together as art teachers and she was my very first supporter.  She had me photograph her first son.  This has been an amazing journey thanks to her and all of you who have supported this adventure.  It’s been a dream so I thank you.  Best wishes to you and your family, Sue.  You are an amazing mother, artist and friend.  Meet Hudson….


Hudson 01hudson 2hudson 3hudson 4hudson 5hudson 6hudson 7hudson 8hudson 9hudson 10hudson 11hudson 12hudson 13hudson 14hudson 15hudson 16

hudson 17

hudson 17.5

hudson 17.6

hudson 20

hudson 18

This precious little one was 2 weeks and 2 days PAST DUE!  Poor mama!  And he had to be evicted.  I guess he was pretty comfy….  Look at how alert he is!  He was the most alert baby I EVER worked with and he was so calm and peaceful.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Meet Neel at 14 days old

Neel 01Neel 02Neel 03Neel 04Neel 05Neel 06Neel 07Neel 08Neel 09Neel 10Neel 11Neel 12Neel 13Neel 14Neel 15Neel 16

I’m featuring a very special newborn, My new niece and my Mom’s first Granddaughter.  My sister, Nina had her first child so this is wonderful times for our family.  You can bet my Mom was thrilled being that her other 3 grandchildren are all boys:)  Please welcome Liliana Marie: 10lbs 7oz, (yeah that’s right!) 21 inches long born at 10:40 am on 12/26/2014

We began our session with some love from Grandma for 3 of her 4 grandchildren. My youngest is super thrilled; can you sense my sarcasm?  My oldest son…..he is over the moon

and I can feel him grinding his teeth with adoration;)

Lily 01

Isn’t my Mom gorgeous?  She has such beautiful eyes and smile

Lily 02Lily 03

See what I’m saying?  Teeth grinding is a thing when you super love something and he requested to hold her, we did not need any bribing here.

Lily 04

Lily was super easy, she had her eyes open for a nano second to say, Hi, and then it was lights out..

Lily 05Lily 06Lily 07Lily 08Lily 09Lily 10Lily 11

My sister, Nina, is such a natural.  Of course, she’s had a lot of practice with all her nephews and she’s had a good Mom to blaze the trail.

Lily 12

Lily 13

and then there were three

Lily 14Lily 15Lily 16

Talk about beauty..  apples don’t fall far from the tree…. just breathtaking

Lily 17

there’s nothing sweeter than daddy and his little girl

Lily 18Lily 19Lily 20Lily 21


  • Marylee - January 29, 2015 - 2:31 pm

    These pictures are just beautiful. The love that Nina and Paul have for their baby just oozzes from these pictures. You can feel the emotion from Mom and Dad for their daughter. Great photographer! Beautiful baby girl. :) ReplyCancel

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